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ElectrIcal Diesel Blow Off Valve Diesel Dump Valve Diesel BOV

Prod.# Electrical Blow Off Valve Dump Valve

  • ElectrIcal Diesel Blow Off Valve Diesel Dump Valve Diesel BOV
    This Diesel Dump Valves Turbo Diesel BOV kit contains the latest Gen Version 2.1 Control Module for real time valve response time and very efficient. The mostest advanced kit’s in ebay!!!
    This kit contains the very latest Digitech Gen 2.1 Control Module with the latest firmware upgrade resulting in real time valve response time. There are many kits available in ebay but they produce slow response times and not respond the enough to be efficient.
    Our kit also features a solid bronze piston operated Dump Valve and have a full colour instructions to make the right fitment.
  • Why Blow-off Valve (BOV) will improve your car?
    This blow off valve eliminate excessive back pressure when you change gears. The pressure created when the throttle is closed during gear changes or deceleration can damage your turbo, because turbo cavitation event. The life of your turbocharger will be improved with this kit. You will more torque and response from your turbo between gearshifts and lower RPM.





Blow Off Valves

Blow Off Valves

Blow Off Valves



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