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Single Turbo Manifold SCHEDULE 40 T4 50mm WG -Toyota Supra Mk4 JZA80 2JZ-GTE TT


  • SCHEDULE 40 SINGLE TURBO CONVERSION MANIFOLD FOR 3.0L TOYOTA SUPRA (JZA80) 2JZ-GTE TWIN TURBO A performance tuned turbo manifold ensures quicker and smoother flow of exhaust air to increase engine output and efficiency. Vacating exhaust air faster allows more intake air into engine cylinders for better combustion. Moreover, having separate ports and tube paths for each cylinder eliminates interference between exhaust pulses and thus reduces backpressure. This turbo manifold is designed to convert the Toyota/Lexus sequential twin-turbocharged 2JZ-GTE motor to single turbo configuration. It features an equal length (EL) primaries design that ensures the turbine is hit by evenly spaced exhaust pulses and therefore results in quicker turbo spool-up. The piping is constructed from austenitic T304 stainless steel Schedule 40 tubes with patented craftsmanship for extraordinary strength. It is precisely aligned to maintain smooth paths for non-restricted flow. TIG welded at all joints, it also combines a cracking and corrosion resistant surface and an obstacle free internal wall. Premium materials and top-notch craftsmanship make this manifold an ideal upgrade from its ordinary stainless steel piping counterpart for only those top class racing engines.



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