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T4 T76 T70 GT40 Titanium Turbo Charger Blanket Heat Shield Cover TURBOS

 Prod.# Turbo Charger Heat Shield Cover

  • New in the Box Deluxe
    XS-POWER Titanium T4 Turbo Blanket
    HIGH QUALITY AT An Inexpensive PRICE!
    The XS-POWER Way!
    High Quality! - 2300 degrees of protection! -
    Cheapest Horsepower you'll EVER Buy!
    Advantages of our Turbo Blanket:
    Works VERY well - Helps increase spool MUCH faster & Increases Boost!!
    THICK Insulation!
    Heavy Duty Rivets!
    Hand sewn together with pride!
  • Helps keeps heat from ruining the paint on your hood!
    Stainless steel spring fasteners!
    Sized to fit T4
  • will fit : T4 , GT40, GT42 , GT55 , T67, T66 , T76
    and most OTHER T4 turbine housing turbo charger
  • The XS-POWER Titanium Turbo Blanket is made from pulverized volcanic rock then strained into fiber material, the XS-POWER Titanium turbo shields can withstand direct heat up to 2500F.
    the result : less heat more power!
  • T4 blanket :
    -anchor hook for maximum security
    -ultimate thermal barrier reduces turbo lag
    -custom Titanium urban sharp carbon fiber look
  • Keeps under the hood temp down! Helps stop burns while working under the hood!




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Our products are developed and intended for off-road racing.
They may not be legal for use on public highways where pollution control laws apply.
Due to the nature of the use of these products, no warranty is implied or given.


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