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  Turbo Specific LineTurbo Repair Kits
GT35 T3 Turbo Charger Anti-Surge 500 repair kit


  • You Receive One Turbo rebuild Kit.
    x2 journal bearing,
    x2 retaining rings for journal bearings
    x1 piston ring, turbine for turbine end
    x1 thrust bearing, 360 degree
    x1 dynamic seal thrust collar
    x1 dynamic seal
    x1 dynamic seal spacer
    x1 Seal Ring for Bearing Housing
    x1 Locknut for Shaft
    x12 screws/bolts for turbo
    x1 O-Ring for compressor Housing
    x1 Inlet Gasket, Stainless Steel
    x2 Oil Inlet and Drain Gasket
    Item is 100% Brand New.
    designed to fix T3, T4, T3/T4, T04E, T04b Turbochargers
    high performance bronze thrust collar for low friction.
    Chromoly oil ring's for long life expectancy.
    All snap rings, O rings and hardware included.



Turbo Repair Kits

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Our products are developed and intended for off-road racing.
They may not be legal for use on public highways where pollution control laws apply.
Due to the nature of the use of these products, no warranty is implied or given.


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