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VW Jetta Golf AUDI A3 TT K03-052 Turbo New Turbocharger

 Prod.# VW AUDI A3 TT K03-052 Turbo New Turbocharger

  • K-03 turbocharger for a VW Golf/Bora/Jetta 1.8T, Audi A-3-1.8T/TT, 1.8 liter Turbo
  • This super little turbocharger is ideally suited for small displacement engines.
  • Part numbers etc. are MODEL # WK03-052 The KKK part # is 5303-988-0052 and V.W.part # 06A145704T / 06A145713D, 06A145713F.
  • This super little turbo can work on very low displacement engines. From about 1100 cc to about 2200cc or so and can flow about 235 HP. The front of the compressor is machined to mount a hose or what ever is appropriate for your particular toy. The center section or bearing housing on this unit is the multi position type that is far superior to the normal ones seen on most OTHER TURBOS. This allows you to loosen the clamp bolts and rotate everything to suit your application. You will get the turbocharger assembly, complete with the wastegate pod just as it appears in the photographs.




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