Air Inlet 4"
Compressed Air Outlet 2.5"
Bearing Ball Bearing Compressor / Journal Bearing Turbine
Turbine Housing Flange Standard T3
Exhaust Outlet 4-bolt, 3" OD
HP 300~500 WHP
Cooling Oil and Water Cooled
Working Pressure 6-25 PSI
Compressor .70 A/R
Turbine .63 A/R
Compressor Wheel 61.3 /82 mm
Turbine Wheel 62 /67.8 mm
Works for
Many Bigger HP Applications, for 4 to 6 CLYN Engines. Works for Civic, Prelude, S13 S14 240SX, Eclipse, Mustang. It can produce 300 to 500 HP, depends on your application and setup.




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