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  General MotorsHeat Sink 6.5
Heat Sink GM 6.5L Diesel New PMD / FSD Cooler


  • Heat Sink for your GM 6.5L Diesel.

    This unit is used to cool the PMD on your Stanadyne DS injection pump & extends the life of the fuel system.
    mount on the intake bolts or use the extension harness to go to the bumper or anywhere. It's been done by engineers that played with the size to get the maximum cooling ability without wasting size. It is optimized to get the best cooling. ANY larger size does'nt do anything more.
    Locate your PMD anywhere away from the heat of the engine.

    - Locate your PMD / FSD away from the injector pump where heat is trapped
    - Vertical mounting allows full air flow across the PMD / FSD and the heat sink and performs better during idle compared to horizontal mounting (other heat sink designs mount the PMD / FSD horizontally under the heat sink which can trap hot air, especially when idling)
    - Attaches to the existing motor cover mounting holes (motor cover must be removed when mounting the heat sink to this location)
    - Utilizes stock wire harness
    - Precision design and fit, CNC machined from solid billet of 6061 Aluminum and GOLD Anodized for corrosion resistance (will last longer than your engine!)
    - Nylon Thermal isolation washers used to help insulate heat conduction to the heat sink from the intake manifold
    - Reclaims fuel mileage and lost power
    - Helps prevent hard-starting, stalling, hesitation and failure to start
    - Protects injector pump from premature failure (costs can range from $700 for a rebuilt injector pump to $1500 for a new injector pump, not including installation)
    - Compact and highly efficient and no modifications are needed to quickly mount a new or existing PMD / FSD (about 10 minutes when installing a new PMD)

    What's included:
    - (1) PMD / FSD GOLD Heat Sink
    - (2) M8 x 35mm bolts
    - (2) M8 lock washers
    - (2) M8 nylon washers
    - (4) 6-32 x 1" screws (for PMD / FSD)
    - (1) 6-32 x .25" screw (for grounding)



General Motors

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