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BILLET K04-001 VW Turbo 1.8T EO5 50mm+splitter/DV MBC/manual boost controller

    KO4-OO1X Upgraded Model - 50mm Compressor - 
    Turbo, with gaskets, no inlet -

    New splittter/ Diverter Valve in BLACK ONLY as shown.

    Also comes with a manual boost controller and a vacuum tee. 

    Don't get stuck with a KO3 replacement that is less power then your OEM model 
    Don't get fooled by the Blades - check our blade count out - true EO5 spooling power 

    FOR example , if you have a 2000 + Audi TT coupe, fwd 180 HP with ATC Engine - you will need to get the larger INLET pipe. Please contact us for further help and details. 

    2000 - 2001 Audi TT - NON-Quattro with ATC engine1998 - 2004 Volkswagen Beetle - 1.8T2000 Volkswagen Golf - 1.8T2000 Volkswagen Jetta - 1.8T 
    00-04 Audi Mk400-05 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 GTI/ GLS00-05 Volkswagen Jetta Mk4 GL/ GLI/ GLS00-06 Audi TT Mk1 Typ 8N (Does Not Fit with TT 225 PS)99-05 Volkswagen Beetle 1.8T 

    In the last picture shown you will see e dyno.graphs. These are posted on my facebook pages as well along with a full review from a customer from Columbia. This dyno shows stock vs frankenturbo f21 vs my billet k04-001. The first graph also shows that my turbo has no lag just like the stock k03 and does not lag like the frank unit. 

    This is real numbers done by a customer at 8600ft above sea level on 89 octane gas...the only available gas in his country. 

    At sea level and 91 octane we expect a 25% increase just based on atmospheric pressures and fuel. This potentially means 320+whp!!!!





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Our products are developed and intended for off-road racing.
They may not be legal for use on public highways where pollution control laws apply.
Due to the nature of the use of these products, no warranty is implied or given.


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