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VITO Mercedes RHF4V PKW Viano 2.2L Vito 111 115 CDI W639 OM646 VV14 Turbo

 Prod.# VITO Mercedes Viano 2.2L VV14 Turbo

  • (110-115Kw) Vito, Viano, with engine code OM646.

  • Please use the following reference numbers listed below to insure this turbo is the correct replacement.

  • IHI Japan Replacement #
    VV14, VF40A132

  • Mercedes Benz Replacement #
    A6460960199, 6460960199

  • FHF4VV14
    1.Mercedes-PKW Sprinter II 211CDI 2003-2009 year 150HP/110HP OM646 DE22LA

  • VF40A132
    2.Mercedes-PKW Sprinter II 311CDI 2003-2009 year 150HP/110HP OM646 DE22LA

  • 6460960699
    3.Mercedes-PKW Sprinter II 411CDI 2003-2009 year 150HP/110HP OM646 DE22LA
  • 6460960199
    4.Mercedes-PKW Sprinter II 511CDI 2003-2009 year 150HP/110HP OM646 DE22LA
  • 6390900880
    5.Mercedes-PKW Viano 2.2 CDI 2003 year 150HP/109HP OM646
  • 6160960199
    6.Mercedes-PKW Vito 115 CDI (W639) 2003 year 150HP OM646 DELA
  • 646096019980
    7.Mercedes-PKW Vito 111 CDI (W639) 2003-2006 year 109HP OM646




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Turbo Kits

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