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Chevy S10 LSX LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7 Shorty Stainless Steel swap header


  • (1) SET Stainless LS1 Engine Swap Headers(pair) FOR S10!
    Goes around the driver side steering shaft!

    Engine: LS2/LS3/LS7/L92/LS9, LS1/LS6, LM7 Lq4, lq9,lm33 etc

    Specifically for s10 lsx based swaps.

    1 5/8 Primary Tubes
    2 1/2 Collector
    3/8 Thick Header Flange
    7/16" Thick Cylinder Head, Turbo, and Wastegate Flanges
    Professionally Tigged Welds
    Includes Header Gaskets
    Angled spark plug boots recommended for clearance
    1967-1969 Camaro with factory air or p/s NEEDS minor mods.
    Mid length headers may need adjustments to fit all 62-67 Nova applications…stock steering, rack/pinion and aftermarket bolt on clips!

$220.00 SHIPPED in the USA






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