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  Wastegates/Blow Off ValvesWastegates


  • Xs-POWER external wastegates are race proven units that offer unsurpassed craftsmanship, reliability and functionality for a diverse range of applications.
    Each XS-POWER wastegate is constructed with a stainless steel valve, a die-cast mount base and valve seat,
    a fully sealed shaft and a high temperature resistant diaphragm.
    Available in three different types, Standard, Racing, and GT, XSPOWER has the appropriate wastegate for every application and performance level.
    The Standard Wastegate utilizes a 40mm valve and is rated to applications producing upwards of 500 horsepower.
    The Racing Wastegate utilizes a 50mm valve and supports up to 1000 horsepower.
    The GT Wastegate is the largest of the series and utilizes a 60mm valve to support applications producing well over 1000 horsepower.
    Each wastegate type offers several different spring rates for various boost pressure levels.
    Also available are universal base flanges, flexible outlet tubes, barb fittings and gaskets for custom applications.
    To better understand the benefits of the external wastegates, a simplified understanding of the operations of a wastegate is needed.
    To build boost pressure, the wastegate diaphragm/valve remains closed in order to direct all exhaust energy to the turbine.
    To maintain a given boost pressure, the wastegate (positioned upstream of the turbo) reroutes excess exhaust energy around the turbine wheel by opening its diaphragm/valve.
    As greater exhaust output is created from higher levels of engine performance, the stock internal wastegate actuators begin to lose their effectiveness because the amount of exhaust flow to be bypassed is now beyond their intended operating range.
    As the result of exhaust flow being greater than the valves capacity to discharge, more exhaust flow is directed to the turbine and additional boost is created, which is commonly referred to as boost creep.
    Boost spikes may also occur due to the larger volume of exhaust energy now being created.
    The XSPOWER GT II Wastegates are the latest in wastegate technology.
    They feature a lower body cast from stainless steel and an anodized purple upper case machined from billet aluminum.
    The GT II Wastegates weighs approximately 2/3 the weight of the original GT Wastegate and are significantly smaller in height and width.
    Their compact size combined with the GT II V-band inlet and outlet flanges allows for versatile mounting in tight spaces. ---
    GT II Wastegates also include additional wastegate springs which allow for different base boost level starting points.
    A special tool is also included which allows for the simple installation of the extra wastegate springs.
    XSPOWER GT II Wastegates are available with either a 50mm or 60mm stainless steel valve, and have base boost levels that range from 0.8kg/cm2 (11.6PSI) 2.0kg/cm2 (29.0PSI) and 0.6kg/cm2 (8.5PSI) 2.1kg/cm2 (29.9PSI), respectively.
    Like all XSPOWER Wastegates, boost can be raised above the base boost setting by using an HKS EVC or VBC boost controller.
    Wastegate Specs: - Boost Pressure: 0.6 - 2.1 kg/cm2 (8.5 - 29.9 PSI) - Valve Diameter: 60mm

    Comes with Flanges and Clamps
  • 100% Brand New, Never Been Tried or Installed
    High Temperature Silicone Reinforced Actuator Diaphragm
    External Wastegates are Commonly Used for Regulating Boost Levels More Precisely than Internal Wastegates in High Power Applications
    No Instructions Included, Professional Installation is Highly Recommended






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Our products are developed and intended for off-road racing.
They may not be legal for use on public highways where pollution control laws apply.
Due to the nature of the use of these products, no warranty is implied or given.


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