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AN-4 4AN T3 T4 T04B T04E Garrett Turbo Restricted Oil Feed Flange

Prod.# Garrett Turbo Restricted Oil Feed Flange T3 T4

  • AN-4 Male Threaded T3, T4, T04B,

  • T04E Garrett Turbo Billet Restricted Oil Feed Flange

  • AN-4 4AN T3 T4 T04B T04E Garrett Turbo Restricted Oil Feed Flange

  • aluminium Oil Feed flange for T3, T4, T04B, T3/T4R , GT32,

  • GT40 Ball Bearing Turbochargers.

  • Oil Feed Adapter

    -Thread size 4an
    -Built in oil restrictor
    -Fit t3 t3t4 t60 t70 t76 t67 (fit almost all oil cooled turbo charger)
    -Bolt to bolt space 38.1mm
    -Made of Light Weight Aluminum
    1.0mm Oil Restrictor. Can be drilled larger to suit your individual application
    T6061 Aluminium.
    AN-4 Male threaded to be used with any of our AN-4 Hose Fittings

  • Quick Overview
    T3 / T3/4 / T04 Turbo Oil Feed Flange AN 4 male threaded






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